Hello world!

Ok…gonna try this blogging thing. Lets see how I do. This blog will be shared by Zack and myself. To follow our journey through growing this business, following his dream, managing High School along with mental illness. YES, mental illness, nothing to be ashamed of. Zack has lived his life with what is technically called neuropsychiatric illness, illness where his brain just does not function quite right, “the wiring is off” or whatever you want to say. Our lives have been chaotic, difficult, stressful but full of love and now full of hopes and dreams for his business Good Boy Roy to become the next BIG thing. So, lets see what happens.


8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. This will be a great way to document your journey to big success! 🙂 Now you just need to add a follow button and a button to share on twitter and/or facebook. Either way I’ll be following you!

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