Saturday, the roller coaster

Wow !! As living with a person with severe mood swings we know things can never be planned. A day or moment may be great then turn on a dime, anything can disrupt that ever unstable mood. As is the case today, Zack, Zman, Good Boy Roy, he goes by many names, has had one of those days. Started off great, now, as the wind has changed direction he is ever so quickly spiraling downhill, crying, yelling, regressing into the 4 year old behavior and curling up on the sofa. It is still, to this day, amazing to see how this highly functioning, fun, caring, talented, witty 15 year old can so change into someone else in a matter of minutes. After he calms down, or tomorrow he can describe what his head feels like during these times, “it’s noisy, loud, my head is on fire, I cant think, I just feel anger and out of control”. He is so full of doubt during these times, “I’m an idiot, stupid. I dont have any talent at all”. Yet this can all change AGAIN in a minute to the Real Zack, the loving, fun, full of confidence 15 y.o. ready to face the world and take it over. Needless to say we live not day to day but minute by minute here. But now, he is calling me, as is always the case I am the only one that can help calm the quiet in his always working mind.


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