New day, new week

November 1…a cool, windy day here in SC. Feels great, love the chill in the air. Off to the post office to mail off two shirts that were ordered, yipeeee. Trying to get housework done and some Twittering for Good Boy Roy. Zack already called from school today, thank goodness I’m not working a “paying” job anymore and can be here to answer his calls and run to the school if he needs me. His days are so unpredictable. I am hopeful for our first holiday season for Good Boy Roy. We have two rather large Craft Fairs we signed up for and Zack is really hoping to make some sales. He gets so discouraged when he does not have many sales. As the adult I can understand it takes a while for these things to catch on , but he takes it all so personally. One Fair is 3 loooong days. Oh, why did I agree to that? I am so confidant in this little business, the brand and the boy behind the brand !! This year has been a learning time for both of us, what to do and NOT to do.


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