Long Day

Wow…it has been one long two days at the Greenville Holiday Fair trying to promote and sell Good Boy Roy shirts. Slow going for sure. Yesterday was  quite frustrating, he sold only 1 !!! Can not believe it. People love his designs, comment how cute and they love them but no buyers. What’s up with that?? Zack did a great job talking to people and telling them about his business. Today, better !!! Thank goodness. He sold 9. Still we have a long road to go, a lot to learn and much promoting to be done. I really know this business can be a hit and successful for him some day. Maybe even a whole family business. I just know I am having fun, but TIRED !!! Back tomorrow for more, hopefully more sales. His new design is a reflection of the frustration and hurt caused by Bullies.


2 thoughts on “Long Day

  1. That’s where the pleasure lies. The work is hard and the rewards are sometimes sparse, but the joy comes from knowing that you’re shedding those tears, sweat, and blood for yourself and the advancement of your family. So, when your muscles are weary and your aches are uncountable at the end of the day, you can rest with a smile on your face knowing that you did your best for your family. Tomorrow’s another challenge and it could be the day you’ve been waiting for. Keep ya heads up, Hix crew!

    • Thanks George…shoes on, coffee in hand, Zack is up and not so ready to go…but going. Yes, hopeful his stuff will be seen by just the right person…I am the forever optimist. I really enjoy talking to people and watching Zack talk and tell them about him and his designs. Its nice. Thanks for the great words of encouragement. Off we go.

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