TV Interview

Well…today a reporter from Fox News came to interview Zack about his business, Good Boy Roy. He did good, nervous of course, but warmed up to her. How I hope this will open some doors for him and people will notice his fun designs. How we would love for some stores, shops, boutiques to carry his shirts. He has such fun creating new characters. I hope, pray somehow this will get picked up by other Fox affiliates and broadcast other than just our hometown of Greenville. I hope we can make this work. I am having far too much fun to call it quits due to poor sales. But, I am the forever optomist, a BIG DREAMER, which is good I guess since my husband is the total opposite. His glass is always half empty. Funny how that works I guess. I think life is too short to be so negative. Then off to school for Zack. So thankful this new med is keeping him stable. How he deserves so peace of mind, poor kid has been through so very much. Not unlike millions of other kids with any kind of emotional or mental illness. Life is so difficult for them.

I am working on getting this blog to look a bit better, more appealing “Pretty” as my friend Katie of put it. I need widgets, pictures, links….Not sure how long that may take me, I am seriously computer handicapped. Inserting a picture of Zack and his sister, they usually dont get so close to each other !:( I had to bribe her.


2 thoughts on “TV Interview

  1. Just keep doing what you are doing. It will come together if you don’t give up. You are already successful. Success is the progressive realization of worthy ideals…and your ideals are worthy. Not only that but you are helping many others along the way.

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