Thankful Thursday

Well, what is there to say today? I have been re-reading some of the awesome, kind reviews some Twitter friends have posted about Zack. I am amazed, humbled, appreciative of all the kind followers out there who have taken an interest in him, his passion, his business and trying to help him. I have only been “Tweeting” for several months now and can not get over the wealth of information, contacts and kindness I have found out there.

I quit a part-time job as a Patient and Family Liaison in June, for several reasons, one being that it had become a truly horrible job. I felt as if I was serving no purpose in life, very unhappy, add to the fact the boss was deceptive, manipulative and a liar. The department stayed in constant upheaval and flux. Add to that Zack was very unstable. I had calls from school almost every day to come get him as he was so anxious, upset, and  agitated. My heart knew that I had to do something worthwhile, that I  needed to be home more and available for my kids and I was passionate about this Good Boy Roy business. It had been calling out to me for so long. How my heart wanted to be able to devote more time to helping Zack promote and grow his business, to help make sure his dream of Good Boy Roy and his designs would become a household name. So, one day, after enough of the lies and deceit, I walked out !!! Yipeeee. What a sense of relief. The feeling of freedom and happiness was overwhelming. I was now free to take better care of my family and promote Good Boy Roy. I believe in taking chances, following dreams and hopes. I want to die knowing I did everything I wanted to and dreamed of, leaving no “what ifs”, “I should have”,”I could have”,”why didn’t I”. So, we will see how this goes.

It certainly will not fail due to lack of great people taking an interest, like George Ford creator of Addanac City , And Katie Campbell of A Shoppers Quest ,, she has taken Zack and Good Boy Roy on as a personal mission to help him spread the word. The list goes on and on of great, kind people trying to help.

Yesterday I thought I would try to do a good mom thing and bake the kids a cake, a beautiful, yummy cake to sit on the counter when they came home. Lets say that did not happen. I got a pile of crumbling cake mess instead 😦  Needless to say my baking skills are non-existent. Leaving todays post with a picture of what my cake came out of the pan looking like….UGLY !!


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Your journey is just beginning. You are truly helping a lot of other people along the way. As long as you are interested in other people and helping them along the way you will always have a lot of people pulling for you. Don’t forget to ask advice from your daughter. She can really help you. Remember…12 year old girls know everything.. just ask them.:)

    • There you go, being so sweet again. Unfortunatley I can not get my daughter involved in the business at all. How I got her to model some of the shirts I will never know. She wants nothing to do with GBR or her brother. Sadly the stress, chaos and difficulites his illnesses have caused for her over her life she can not seem to forgive now that he is doing better. As far as she is concerned he has “ruined her life”…its so sad and upsetting because he loves her so much, tells her so every day and tries to be nice but her heart is still so unforgiving. This is my biggest heart ache at the time, their fractured relationship. Praying over time she will come around.

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