Super Saturday

Neighborhood kids in Good Boy Roy designs

Now that’s what I’m talking about !!! Had a great day at a local church holiday fair today. Zack started out shaky, cranky, sleepy (well it was 6a.m.). Somehow he turned it around and crawled out of his shell and dazzled the onlookers with that cute, naive, innocent boyish way he has about him.Ā  He was eating it up too…all these ladies making a fuss over him and his cute designs, it was so cute to watch. He had some good sales today, and made some great contacts. One person even works for a large Retailer šŸ™‚ , she LOVED his designs, took pictures of the display, and immediately sent them and his website to the President to consider selling the Good Boy Roy Line. Now that made my day !! How awesome would that be. It may have been worth it to get up at 6 a.m. šŸ™‚ Internet sales are still non-existent, what’s up with that?? Trying to think of other promotions to entice people to buy, free shipping, discounted t-shirts, discount codes….hmmmmmmm, there must be something else I have not thought of yet.

I also sold several of my books, No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid, which I wrote about Zack several years ago. It is about how he has always felt different, wondering why he is not like other kids. I had several conversations with some wonderful moms who have kids with the same struggles that Zack does. It is true that only parents of these special, kids can really know what that life is like. The constant chaos, uncertainty, despair, helplessness, living days minute by minute. The overwhelming love and protection you feel for your child, wanting to always shield them from the hurtful words of other kids, the rejection they may experience. Ahhhh yes, it is always something to worry about as a parent of any child. So, today was a good day. Yes, got my fire burning again, hopeful good things are just around the corner. Now my daughter is asking for money for the Mall ??!! Promises me her room is clean, we will see about that. šŸ™‚


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