Good News


In the past two weeks I have had some interesting, exciting, hopeful news on the Good Boy Roy front. We expect some good PR here in the next several days in our local area, and if lucky maybe some beyond our area. Our local Greenville Journal is doing a story on Zack, his life, his challenges and the start of Good Boy Roy. Then the Fox News broadcast should be out soon. And finally, another local distribution Skirt Greenville chose me 🙂 as a profile for their January issue for Women that Wow Us. Now that is a hoot. Me, little ole’ homebody, run around in gym shorts and ball cap, me. But I am of course thankful and honored. Then, we did a Holiday Fair this past Saturday and by happenstance someone saw Zack’s shirts, loved them, took pictures and sent to the Pres., of the company she works for which happens to be a large retail distributer !!!! She, and I, hope they will like his line so much they will want to invest in the Good Boy Roy line. Now, that would be the BOMB !!! A big thank you as well to Bearman Cartoons, for adding us to your blog spot. We have been in come across some amazing, kind, helpful people along this journey. I am praying this thing will all work out for Zack, that he will see his dreams come true and have this business he is so proud of, flourish and allow opportunities for him, and for him to help others. This has been so much fun for me, as a mom, to see this kid, who has struggled so much, just like millions more, come out of his shell a bit, have some self-esteem and positive interactions with others.Although, last night was not a good one for him, as lack of sleep always triggers the “Other Zack” to come out, things get pretty chaotic when this happens, and not good for any of us. Usually ends up with a lot of yelling, he and his sister fighting, and him crying, which is just what happened. For kids with severe mood disorders like Zack,(IED/OCD/Tourettes) sleep is a huge factor in how they function. From all the parents I have talked to with kids like Zack, that is the norm. So, he was in bed by 7:30, crying of course, and slept 12 full hrs., woke up this morning the “Real Zman”. Thank goodness. We take the good with the bad, give thanks for his recent overall stability and look to the next day.



3 thoughts on “Good News

  1. It looks like things are looking up for the business. Just be patient and don’t try to rush it. It is important that you all have fun with it right now. I’m pulling for you.

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