Tuesday’s chat

Not so much to blog about today, just normal every day stuff of a stay at home mom with too much to do. I woke up to 3 cute girls all sprawled out in my den left from a sleepover, and 3 dogs snoozing just as well. Two snoring souls in the bunch, one dog, one kid. So funny !! So up to throw laundry in the wash, and take Zack off to his doctor’s appointment. He has been doing well lately since the start of a new medication (new for him). It is really helping with his depression, anxiety, irritability and frustration. Until now, school was almost unmanageable for him and I was getting calls almost daily to come get him as he was so upset and agitated. 😦 This new medicine, Abilify, has been a good add-on, so far. His psychiatrist tried it a few years ago and it did not help at all, but now he seems to think that Zack’s brain is maturing a bit, healing, therefore more receptive to the medication. Whatever the reason I am thankful. I have never been able to enjoy my precious son on a more consistent and regular basis until now. Isn’t that sad? His mood swings were so drastic, erratic and volatile we all lived in a constant state of “on edge”. Never knowing when the next outburst, rage or relapse would be for him. So, with the addition of Abilify, Zack now takes 4 different medications to help keep his moods stable. That’s a LOT of medicine ! Unfortunately the effects of these meds leave him rather “bland”, very little facial affect or excitement in his voice, rather a monotone sounding robot. We discussed trying to decrease one of the other medications to help alter this but Zack was quick to say “NO, I have never felt this normal and I like it, please let me stay like this”. So we will stay as is and maybe try in the summer when school is out to see if we can decrease and even do away with some of these medications and bring back that funny, witty, cheerful kid that is in there, smiles and dimples as well. We are so thankful for the recent stability, and enjoying every minute of it. We continue to work on Good Boy Roy, promoting and trying to get that name out there as this is Zack’s biggest source of pride. How much he loves to see people in his designs.

On another note, my sweet friend Katie Campbell, of www.Ashoppersquest.com send me a box of Marshmerries, which are to die for !!! I woke up waiting to have one for breakfast. If you want to try some visit them at www.marshmerries.com  treat yourself to some HEAVEN. I know I will definitely be ordering some soon.


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