What a dreary, rainy day here is SC. A good day to clean and get things back in order here at the Hix household. I was thinking about what to bore you all with today as I rearrange the Good Boy Roy shirts we still have living in the house. Zack’s Angry Allen design prompted me to write today about Bullies. You see, Angry Allen (www.goodboyroy.com)  does not like Bullies, but then who does, except other bullies, write?

Zack created this shirt to wear to speak out against bullies, with Angry Allen saying “Bullies Make me angry. Being a bully is not cool”.  Bullying is so much in the media these days and reminds me of how much Zack has endured his share of nasty, hurtful bullies. This began in the 6th grade when he first began having his Tics and they were very, very distracting and obvious, so of course the mean kids began to pick, tease, name call harass him. This went on daily, despite my calls to the school, the principal and more. What happened to the Zero Tolerance policy our school district proclaims they have??? I dunno, but they did nothing. All the while my kid coming home from school crying every day, sitting in school crying, and this daily attack on his self-esteem quickly eating away at what was left of his ego and pride. I watched this sweet, confused child of mine spiral down until there was nothing left of him, he was pretty much non-functioning so that by the end of 6th grade I did not even make him finish the last 6 weeks of school as he was so depressed, anxious and afraid to go. Yet, despite it all he continued to have faith in school and a desire to return the next year, to another school, since I refused to send him  back into this hostile, terrible environment. We quickly learned the bullies are everywhere…you cant hide from them and they sniff out the weak, timid, awkward and shy in no time flat. The teasing continued, though not as bad since his tics had thankfully become less noticeable and not as distracting. I know, as a parent of a child that it on the receiving end of the bullying, how hurtful and damaging this is to kids. Sadly, through talking to many parents it seems most kids endure some bullying to some degree. As I have watched many cases in the news in the past months it brings me to tears to see that some kids were literally bullied to death, how hurt, sad, depressed, and totally hopeless they had to feel to take their own life. My heart breaks for them, those that continue to live daily in fear, and the parents who have to watch this happen. So, it seems I have managed to ramble, I got high on my soap box a bit. I just get so angry, for my child and all the kids who have been “tortured” mentally and physically by cruel, relentless bullies.We, as parents must take this issue very serious, support, love, comfort our kids, raise them up every day, fill them with self-assurance, knowledge and confidence so they can resist this kind of attack on their soul. Building strong, resilient children is hard, but something each parent can do. Gone are the days when you can simply say, “ignore them”, “brush it off”, “sticks and stones….” in the age when a picture, a character attack or rumor can be spread world-wide in seconds, ignoring is not so easy as it use to be. Hug your kids tonight, today, every day, say you love them, speak the words, don’t assume they know it. We all need to HEAR and know we are loved.


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