Thankful Thursday

I am back home today after a trip to Columbia to submit my case to the “Commissioner” to re-consider my son, Zack for his TEFRA Medicaid status. You see, for 3 years he has been eligible and getting services under the TEFRA Act, which is actually the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982. This allows Medicaid benefits for certain disabled children who are not ordinarily eligible due to the parents income. Thankfully, for the past 3 years his medications have been covered and any hospitalization he may have needed, which has been a HUGE help. We were informed after a re-evaluation in June that he no longer qualified, because he was “better”. Well, if anyone has a child with neurologically based emotional problems you know that “better” and “stable” are relative terms, and can change in a second. His challenges, conditions and emotional difficulties are the same now as they were 3 years ago when he was approved. So I, the logical mom that I am 🙂 appealed their decision and requested and got a fair hearing to submit my documentation and argument as to why I feel he should still receive these services. Silly me thought it would be a meeting of myself and the commissioner. Well, boy, was I wrong. I entered a room with 4 other ladies and the attorney or “commissioner” to hear my case. Good thing I am not easily intimidated. 🙂 I was sworn in that I would give truthful testimony and  had to submit my documents as “evidence”. What ???? This whole thing took a little more than an hour. The decision is not in yet, so we will wait to see what the results will be. At least I can say I tried. I did manage to find some discrepancies in the report of the evaluating staff person, as well as her notation in the report that Zack was “stable”, which was false as I had a letter from his doctor stating he was “unstable” during the time of the evaluation. So, I think in all I brought forth some valid points that were either left out of or incorrect on the intial report. Time will tell.

On the Good Boy Roy front things are very slow. He has had some good write ups lately in the local Greenville Journal  and a nice internet write-up from We are still waiting for his interview to air on Fox News here in Greenville, SC. We are hopeful that will generate some interest in his designs. I really need to start contacting some retailers, distributors and the like to see if I can get anyone interested in carrying the Good Boy Roy line. I really had no idea this would be so difficult to get people interested. I thought people would immediately see, like and buy his designs. That’s my “Pollyanna” attitude.

(volleyball girl design)

We are having a contest now, ending Friday night, to win an Angry Allen design, who is the anti-bully character Zack created, in an attempt to bring more awareness to this destructive and damaging behavior that many kids endure daily.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I hope everything works out on the insurance. It seems that most government programs are geared toward the worthless and the worthy get left out. Good blog. Don’t get discouraged, even if sales are slow it is probably very good for Zack.

    • You aer such a dear man. I wont give up, too much money invested to quit now, gotta at least keep on keeping on to see what happens, it’s just discouraging. THanks for your kind support.

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