Charity Tuesday

Charity Tuesday in Twitter World. If you have not tried Twitter World, give it some serious thought and consider jumping in. Yes, it can be confusing and overwhelming but you will get the hang of it. I decided to venture into Twitterland when I decided to take on Good Boy Roy as my “job” since quitting work in June to help Zack promote his business. Twitter has proven to be a phenomenal way to connect with some amazing kind and generous people who have gone out of their way to embrace Zack and his love of cartooning as well as help spread the name of Good Boy Roy. This is a great way to find other people promoting businesses, causes and great charities that are trying to bring awareness to many different worthy organizations. It’s not just celebrities sharing random thoughts or updates. I have had the pleasure of discovering a lovely charity called Friends Like Us, that was founded by a couple after their precious 10 y.o. son was diagnosed with Cancer. You can check them out here Some of the other many causes you can find are CABF  (Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation), NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), 46Mommas (breast Cancer Awareness), 1Ballerina (another childhood Cancer org.)  The IAF Isaih Alonso Foundation (helping families of children with cancer ) That is only a few. You can find so many resources on Twitter and connect with some well-meaning and helpful individuals. Give it a try.

On a totally differnt subject, we are into day 2 of the “Blizzard” of 2011 here in SC. School has been out and I imagine will be out for the rest of this week. Snow like this we get to see and enjoy very rarely. It is a lovely sight to behold. As we all woke up yesterday morning to peek out the windows to our delight to see the streets, cars, yards blanketed with a beautiful snow. Zack and Kelsie have been outside now having a grand time snowboarding and sliding down  a great hill that we live on, as well as many of the neighborhood kids AND parents. Yes, it does come with some headaches as we have been snowbound in the house for two days since our streets are pretty much impassable, and some ice did manage to make its way to the ground as well, causing a mess on our roads.

This is Zack (above) enjoying himself, and “The Hill” where the kids have lived for the past two days. Happy sledding.


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