Mental Health Thursday

When trying to decide what exactly to write about today ??? I decided on a subject that is near and dear to my heart, as many things are, but this subject will hit home with other parents loving a child with any kind of disability. In our case, our situation deals with emotional challenges of our son Zack (aka Good Boy Roy). I had the pleasure of meeting another mom the other day (she may be reading this) who is also on this journey of loving and raising a child with some significant emotional challenges. Over the years this has been refered to as emotional illness, mental illness, emotional disabilities, mood disorder, neuropsychiatric illness, whatever the label it’s all the same, a life of chaos, heartache, uncertainty, frustration and helplessness. (for more information see As parents of these wonderful, smart, charismatic yet difficult children we are all too familiar with living a life on egg shells, the “predictably unpredictable”. Life is not day by day but minute by minute, never knowing what may upset the child, what may cause a sudden rage of mass and destructive proportions. As a family you withdraw from friends, having people over to visit becomes too stressful as you never know what may cause the child to evolve into the “other personality”. Vacations are pretty non-existent for the same reason. Only parents of kids like ours truly understand what this life is like. I have had too many parents of “perfect” children pass judgement on me believing it was simply my parenting skills or “lack of ” that was the cause of my childs behavior. Which is most certainly not the case at all. Kids like mine, that have so little impulse control, very little emotional control simply have no “brakes”, their actions and reactions are immediate. They think it, then do it. 😦 They do not get sad but devastated and distraught, there is no grey area, everything is either black or white, from 0-100 in seconds flat. As we, the parents look for help, and pray for our children, many days our hearts breaking as we watch them struggle with a multitude of issues, we hold onto hope. Hope to find an answer, hope to find understanding doctors, hope to meet sympathetic and understanding people who do not judge, hope that our kids will be ok, hope that others will see past the inappropriate behavior that may be obvious at times and see the true child, the one we see when things are calm, quiet and ordinary.

Link for the day : CEO kids interview with Zack:

WYFF 4 interview:


3 thoughts on “Mental Health Thursday

  1. I am glad we happened to run across each other, what six months ago? I believe there is always a reason for everything and if at any point I can help you, please let me know.


  2. Awesome Kim. I will check out yours. I’m always watching what you are doing in the gym to steal! 🙂 If someone is getting results, I am going to follow their recipe for sure!

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