Just be nice

I was thinking the other night about what is it that really matters to me about people I call friends. What really matters in life? Yes we will probably all say family.  But I was thinking other than that, in the whole scheme of things. This came up because we have neighbors that we have known for almost 6 years now who are kind, respectful, faithful people, yet their faith seems to cause others to shun them. Now, to me, I just don’t understand this. They are of Jehovah’s Witness faith, and because of this the neighbors next to them will not speak to them. What? I just don’t get it. Really. Just because someone does not believe as I do, does not think as I do, does not mean they are not great and good people. I do not have the right to pass judgement on people, what they do or believe. Now, on the other hand, if you cause harm to others, that is a totally different story of course. But I believe as long as you are a good, kind, nice, law-abiding person what does it matter what your belief is?  It is none of my business. Just as what  I believe should not be how someone judges me, my family or my value in this world. Just be nice ! At the end of the day how you treated others, friends and family is what matters. As long as someone is not on my doorstep everyday trying to convert me, or thinking I am a worthless individual just because my belief system does not jive with theirs, you are kind and don’t hurt others, then you’re ok in my book.  And that’s just MY opinion. I realize millions are stead fast in what they will tolerate, believe, think, do, associate with etc…but there are wonderful people of every faith, color and nationality. Those that wear blinders and refuse to see the good in people who are not just as they are may be  missing so many opportunities to meet some smart, kind, caring people. My soap box for the day. I just want people to be able to HONESTLY tell my kids when I pass on that their mom was a nice person, that’s all, nice, non-judgemental and kind. I don’t need nor want some library named after me, a National Holiday, or millions to pass on, just to know I was a kind person, did all I could as a mom and accepting of others.


One thought on “Just be nice

  1. I am very strong in my beliefs. I believe that a lot of people are wrong in what they believe. I also believe that God will deal with them in due time. The only way I can win someone over to my beliefs is to show them it makes a difference in me. That difference can only be seen in the way I treat other people. We must learn to love people even if we strongly disagree with them.

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