Here comes the SUN :)

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Can it be, really, the sun !!!  🙂 I love the sun, really, really love the sun and to see it after the snow, rain, and ice is so wonderful. I am such the Southern outdoors kind of girl. Once warm March days start to roll around you will find me outside every day on a walk, bike ride, doing yard work or simply sitting in my chair soaking up the wonderful rays. Yes, I guess I get this love of the sun and hot weather from my mom, a Charleston girl down to the core. She always says the hotter the better. I enjoyed a lovely childhood spending summers in Charleston on the beaches, boating, crabbing, fishing, playing on the battery, yes it was quite a good life. I was fortunate to have cousins there as well so spending weeks at a time with my grandparents and cousins was the norm during the summer. It saddens me to know that my two kids have no cousins, none. My brother nor my husbands siblings have or will have any children. Leaving my kids to wonder what it is like to enjoy cousins and that closeness that can be shared. But, back to the sun, as I digress to long ago memories. Yes, the sun, my friend, is making an appearance today after hiding for a while. Although it is not the warmth outside that I am so fond of, at least there is the brightness of the sunshine. I choose to see this as a ray of  hope on our current dismal family situation. The situation, dealing with our daughter who is so resentful towards her brother for years of mental illness “chaos” she has been required to be a bystander and endure. She is quite angry and resentful of her brother as she has been the recipient of much unhappiness as a result of his poor functioning and rages most of her life. Yet, finally he, Zack, is better and more stable than he has ever enjoyed in his 15 years, for this we are so thankful. However, his sister is not understanding or forgiving of things that have caused her life to be in upheaval. A ray of sun as I hang up the phone after a long, comforting and heartfelt conversation with our Youth Pastor who is determined to try to help her, help us, through yet another storm. A ray of sun symbolizing the optimism, hope and faith I hold onto every day. A ray of sun to comfort me that “this too shall pass” and brighter days are ahead.


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