Family Connections

Jack Whinery and his family, homesteaders, Pie...

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

We had a lovely day at the Family Connections Valentine Social yesterday held at the Greenville Hilton. Zack was invited to come share his Good Boy Roy designs, meet, greet and mingle with other kids and families of children with an array of disabilities. If you have a child with any kind of disability check out Family Connections, see if there is  a chapter in your area. They offer resources and support to the families that is so needed. The link is here Once warmed up Zack did great chatting with people and telling them about his characters in the Good Boy Roy gang.  slowly but surely he is making progress with his social skills, and it is charming to watch as he tells others about himself and to see their reaction to him. We met a wonderful mother and son who told Zack that HE was such an inspiration to them. How cool is that. This sweet 12-year-old boy is Autistic, and loves to draw as well,  his mom has been trying to figure out how to help him further his artistic endeavors. She said meeting Zack and seeing what he has done was just what she needed. 🙂 Oh man, is that the best thing I have heard. This journey has been so validating and such a wonderful experience for us to enjoy. I hope that Zack will continue  to inspire other kids, parents and families to know that anything is possible, dreams should be followed, and we all have gifts to offer the world and each other.


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