Finding Inspiration

Johnny Cupcakes

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So, now that the holidays are over, we are looking for ways to promote for this new year. As I ponder ways to help Zack spread his word and the brand of Good Boy Roy ( , his fun designs and story of hope and overcoming challenges I look to our favorite line of apparel and fun stuff, who else but Life Is Good ( . This is the brand and the level of recognition Zack hopes to achieve one day. While reading the story of Bert and John Jacobs, two young men that set out to spread their love and passion as well. They started selling shirts in the streets of Boston and traveled the East Coast , selling the fun designs out of a car. I am sure they too saw many, too many days of rejection and people “not getting it”. Whats not to get, the designs are so cute, fun and make you smile, what more is there? As I reflect on the past year, our first year, in business, I see how easy it can be to get discouraged. Poor sales, people rejecting the designs, but at the same time embrace the many wonderful, kind and supportive people Zack and I have been able to cross paths with. So many people taking time to talk to him, let him know they really like his work, and ecourage him to keep going,  to see the pride and joy on his precious face to hear such wonderful and much needed comments from strangers. I also look at Johnny Cupcakes story,( the  same determination and never give up spirit as the Life is Good guys. Johnny Earle, in 2001, took a simple design and has created a cult following of his unique apparel and accessories as well. He too, a young man that had  a vision and passion, selling his shirts out of the trunk of his 89 Camry. Determination, dreams, passion. They had we, and we have it.

Zack and I selling shirts at a Holiday Fair this Christmas


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