Meeting great people

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        Yesterday, Saturday, Zack and I got to meet one of his greatest supporters and fans. Katie Campbell, blogger, mom, all around cool person. She owns two web sites and , where she does some great reviews and blogs.  Katie and I became acquainted via Twitter and a blog review she did for Good Boy Roy when he first started this business.  She has turned out to be such a HUGE supporter and inspiration for us. If anyone needs a great review of a product done to perfection, contact Katie, she is the gal to get the job done.

         Katie lives in Charlotte, N.C. which is not far from us. As it turns out she has a sister in Anderson, SC. How convenient is that??!!!  We planned to meet some day when she was on her way to visit her sister since Greenville is “on the way”. This was so fun to finally meet her in person as we have e-mailed for months now and talked on the phone, but never have had the opportunity to meet face to face, so I jumped at the chance to sit down for lunch with her. Zack was so excited, though it was hard to tell, as he does not show excitement much on the outside. He showered and even, yes even, put cologne on for Katie. 

    Zack is quite the talker, usually, but was a bit bashful during our lunch. I imagine if we had a bit more time he would have totally opened up and let out all that Good Boy Roy charm inside that 15 y.o. body of his. Nonetheless the lunch was enjoyable at The Copper River Grill and we thankful to finally be meeting Katie. To sit face to face with her and be able to to thank her for all her wonderful help she has offered to Zack and Good Boy Roy this past year was a lovely opportunity for us. The kindness we have received this past year from so many great people has been overwhelming, and it was nice to actually be able to meet one of them in person. Heres to “Social Networking” making some great connections.


One thought on “Meeting great people

  1. WOW! How cool! Well thanks for that – But it was my pleasure meeting you and Zack! I was so impressed with what a polite boy he was and so nice too!

    I can’t wait to “hang out” again – Next time we will have to make it longer for sure!!

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