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As I was watching ABC News yesterday morning while getting my run in at the gym…an informative report just happened to come on about small business, promoting, marketing, funding etc….What luck. So, in this report they discussed a web site called which people, anyone, can go to and make a “Campaign” for their business, organization, fundraiser, Charity, all free. The money you raise is not a loan, or investment on the part of the people contributing, but a donation towards helping you reach your campaign goal, whatever that would be. They call it Crowd Funding“, really cool concept. There is a small percentage that IndieGoGo keeps when you real your goal, but no out-of-pocket up front fees. So, I, the CEO of Good Boy Roy 🙂 do not dare let this information and opportunity go to waste. I immediately came home, jumped on my ever so slow laptop and go right down to business creating a campaign for Good Boy Roy. This, of course, in hopes some people would find this business, Zack’s dreams and story, and designs all just good enough to donate, even $5. But what’s even better, is that I can send this campaign out over Twitter, Facebook, email etc…. and it will help at least get that name out there. The more people who know, and share it, then the domino effect may be enough to bring some recognition to our small little business, and perhaps just THE PERSON, that one person who may see this and the possibility of his dream. All it takes is ONE. LUCK, and I am a huge believer in luck. So, if anyone else has a need for this really cool way of spreading the word for your passion check into, it may be just what you need. Our Campaing is here:



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