HollyWood here we come

VOTE!  Kids Choice Awards

Image by CrazyUncleJoe-MoPho via Flickr

     WOOT WOOT !!!! this has been one exciting day !!! I got a confirmation call this morning that we, the Good Boy Roy crew, are going to HOLLYWOOD. Yes, Hollywood. Big deal for us as we are pretty stay close to home kind of people most of the time. My internet friend Kevin Cole, founder and proud pop to GetYourPantsOn.com put a buzz in the ear of a promoter about Good Boy Roy, he decided it would be good “goods” for the Gifting Party for the Celebs of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. A Pre-party before the awards where we will be to meet and greet the stars, celebs, and other people. This is where Zack will show them his stuff, the goods, the loot, the Next Big Thing. We will have pictures taken, some video and if lucky some stars with their Good Boy Roy shirts.

     Sooooo, the call came today, the confirmation that yes he, we, Good Boy Roy is invited and will be a vendor/gift giver. The event planner loved Zack’s cute, fun designs as well as the story and message that Good Boy Roy brings…Hope, dreams and perseverance. The excitement in the house is crazy, maybe actually me more than the kids. What a fun thing to do, and all the possibilities…the What if’s that loom out there. To imagine the look in my daughters sweet eyes as she sees some of these cute young celebrity kids she watches on TV everyday is more than I can stand. What if I see Justin Bieber…OMG. She will be the BGOC (Big Girl On Campus) which is really the 6th grade. LOL Or  Miranda Cosgrove or Drake and Josh.                               

What if someone really likes Zack’s characters, his designs and wears one on TV ??? What if someone Tweets about Good boy Roy and the cool t-shirts ??? What if someone loves them like we do and wants them in their stores ??? What if  the iCarly cast and crew are there and take their pictures with us ??? And it goes on…

     If, nothing else, this will be a fun, exciting family trip for us, for the kids to always remember. This crazy, impulsive, just do it kind of thing. Something they will always remember. So, we will dig deep into our pockets and bank account, take our tax refund, hop a plane to Cali and hope for the best, for luck to strike, for Zack’s dreams to come true. Just to have this opportunity, when this time last year he was so unstable he could barely stay in school a full day. What progress, what blessings have come our way. Blessings, faith, love, hope. So many prayers. So many prayers. Answered for today, with this news, just this opportunity. For this sweet child of mine who has struggled for so long, been ridiculed, laughed at, teased, isolated and rejected, to get to go to Hollywood and the possibilities that will come with that. Even if nothing, it is everythingBlessings. Miracles.



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