Hollywood, we loved you

Rico Rodriguez “Manny” of Modern Family


Hollywood fun and adventure 


     It’s about time I got to this post. We returned home from our whirl wind trip to LA/Hollywood last Monday. What a slacker I am to just now get this done.

     We/Good Boy Roy was invited to be a presenter at the Gifting Suite for celebs associated with the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. So, ever hopeful as I am, and anticipating this may be Zack’s break for his business we jumped at this opportunity. Zack even designed this cute character to wear and give out while we were there.

Tyler Wills "Chris" of Everybody hates Chris

     Let me first say everyone we met was truly kind and generous with their time. My kids were so excited to be able to meet many celebrities that they watch on tv everyday on Nickelodeon and Disney. This was truly a once in a lifetime event for us all. We were given this opportunity by Mr. Steve Stein of Connected, his business puts on these gifting events prior to many Hollywood awards shows. This connection came via another friend Mr. Kevin Cole of Getyourpantson.com, who went last year and told Mr. Stein about Zack’s designs. Feeling the shirts were cute and may be of interest to those attending this event, he extended an invite to us.

Noah Munck "Gibby" of iCarly

      As the celebs began to enter the gifting suite the announcement was made as to who they were, what shows and movies they had played on and any other credentials. You could see and feel the excitement immediately. There was loud, energy provoking music playing all day that added to the atmosphere. In this post I will only name a few of the celebs and post those photos, more can be viewed from the Good Boy Roy Facebook page.
     I estimate we met and got pictures with about 50 of the teen/tween celebrities that were there. Everyone of them was so kind and gracious to us all. I had expected a bit of the entitlement attitude, but there was none of that. Each one took their time not only with us but with each person there, allowing as many pictures as you may request and signing autographs. Not one said they were in a hurry, or appeared rushed in any way. I was so delighted with the kindness and encouragement they showered upon Zack, telling him how much they liked his designs, how “cool” they were and wishing him much luck and success.
  Zack and Kelsie with Cavannah and Cavaghn Ford    
 I think Zack’s proudest moment came when Mr. Jeff “Swampy” Marsh entered the room and spent a good bit of time with Zack. He is the creator of the series Phineas and Ferb, one of Zack’s favorites. Mr. Marsh let Zman know how much he liked his characters and gave him much encouragement to continue drawing and following his dreams. He even gave Zack his personal e-mail  and invited us to the Disney lot as his personal guest and he would be our guide to show Zack how he creates his show. Unfortunately we would be flying home when he went back to the studio. 😦 I think I was tearful just watching this interaction and seeing how excited and happy this was making Zack.   

Mr. Jeff "Swampy" Marsh creator of Phineas and Ferb


     We were also able to meet Matt Shively who plays “Ryan” on the show True Jackson, Tyler James Willis, “Chris” on Everybody Hates Chris, Rico Rodriguez, “Manny” on Modern Family, Noah Munck “Gibby” from iCarly ,Ryan Ochoa “Lenny” from Pair of Kings, “TheJennifers” from Big Time Rush, Battle of Los Angeles stars, and cast from Lemondade Mouth, just to name a few


     Our next day in LA was one of new experiences and fun as well. We started at Venice Beach, what a place to see and find an eclectic array of people, interesting every step of the way. My kind of place. I could sit and watch every day, all day. I love to people watch.  After this most exciting morning we had planned to meet our new friend Mr. George Ford, creator of Addanac City comics. He has been a wonderful supporter of Zack since we “met” on Twitter. He and his family live there in California and we arranged to meet up with them on Hollywood Boulevard the next day. Zack was so excited to meet him. The time finally came and among the sea of people there we finally got to meet in person, his wife, daughter and son as well. Mr. Ford generously brought Zack some of his posters and signed them. His kids were so fun, my daughter and his daughter became fast buddies and now chat on Facebook and text each other. Mr. Fords son, what a character, so entertaining with his happy-go-lucky personality, danced with street vendors and did not meet a stranger. His lovely wife, Traviett, equally as kind and personable, a true delight to meet them all. I wish they were close neighbors.The day was full of fun and new experiences. This was certainly NOT my life. Not my normal, routine day full of mom and wife duties. But, wonderful and fun as it was, I was looking forward to getting back home to MY real life in my little town of Simpsonville (we call it Simpleville).

Mr. George Ford of Addanac City comics

     Our last day was spent at the Universal Park, more fun, more first experiences, more delight for my kids. We started with the Simpsons ride, due to the fact that Zack LOVES the Simpsons. It was intense at times, but totally fun. It was another fun-filled day, soon to end, and leaving us all exhausted. So, the Hix’s do LA, a wonderful trip hopefully we will all remember for a lifetime.  




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