I am such a SLACKER

     I can not even believe it has been over a month since I posted last.  Busy is putting it mildly. The school year is finally behind us with few scars for a change. For the past several years school has been very difficult for Zack, but this year seemed to chill out a bit.  It started out quite questionable, as he was still not very stable, but thankfully a newly added medication was added and turned out to be quite the lifesaver. What a relief. My daughter, who is 12, kept us on the road to volleyball and softball games.


I am so glad she is active and my little “jock”. Volleyball is such a good and supportive sports for girls to be involved in. Zack started driving, although very slowly !!! Which is good, much rather the timid, anxious driver than the speed demon. He has progressed in school and will continue to work into the mainstream and all regular education classes next year to see how he manages them emotionally.

     On the Good Boy Roy front, it too has been busy and full of fun and surprises. As you may already know Zack was invited to Hollywood to participate in a Gifting Event for celebrities associated with the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Actor Vincent Martella, voice of Phineas on Phineas and Ferb and tv actor

It was unexpected and full of fun for us all. There is another post about the trip so I will not repeat myself here. Aren’t you glad. The business is getting out there to the community a bit, but sales are still slow, especially online. However some fun custom designs for schools and businesses have been gratifying. I must remind myself, and him, that we are only 1.5 years into this thing and building a brand takes a while, usually. We added cinch saks and a line of inspirational note cards to the line as well.  I stay optimistic and hopeful, if nothing else it has given him much needed pride and self esteem just seeing people enjoy his fun shirts and fun characters. Our goal this year is to find some retailers to carry the Good Boy Roy line and continue to spread the word however possible. Fun shirts for fun kids (and everyone else) whats NOT to love !!

      We have been blessed by so many wonderful and kind people helping and supporting Zack in his dreams to make cartoons and grow his business. We spent some time with Mr. Wolfie Wolferton aka Tubbers Got Talent making animations with GoAnimate.com. Zack had a blast learning to do this, and posted some on YouTube.

     So, school is out, summer is here, and HOT already, 98 here in Greenville, SC . We are off to the beach, some R&R and long walks on the beach for me. My favorite place, Litchfield.

Kids at Litchfield

Our family has had this beach house since I was about 12, and it has been my absolute favorite place to go and chill ever since. Have a great summer. Hopefully I will have more time now and keep up with the blog posts better for the next several months. If not, well, maybe I walked a bit too far on the beach, got lost and couldn’t find my way back.


10 thoughts on “I am such a SLACKER

  1. Great to find your site on VoiceBoks! I think it is wonderful that your son is exploring his talents and that you are supporting him. We too are a special needs family and it can certainly be a windy road! We just got back from out daughters dance recital today, and getting to her and her friends dance, all who have special needs was ceartainly a highlight of our year! I’m a new follower and looking foward to reading more about you and your great family!!

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