HCG…does it work? Gonna find out

     I have decided to try something new for a change, a journal of my trial with HCG. I thought if I kept myself honest by checking in everyday and posting I may actually stick to a plan.  HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin or human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy.  It is causing a big buzz these days as a way to help and support weight loss, especially fat around the abdominal area, thighs and buttocks. So, since I am forever looking for ways to improve, be stronger, leaner, healthier I thought I would give this a try as well. I have tried so many eating plans, low carb, Paleo, protein Power, only fruit before noon, Atkins, etc….just because I like to see what happens, if anything. I continuously get grief from my husband for this habit since I am already quite fit, healthy and a healthy eater. I guess I am a serial dieter. This obsession has been lifelong, which I know is not a good or healthy thing. But, I reason it is better than the alternative, to not care about my health at all. And, as far as obsessions or addictions go, at least it’s not one that involves drugs or illegal activity. So, I choose my obsession over all the others 🙂

     Let me first say I do not strive to be skinny, but healthy and fit. Not eating has never entered my mind, but, always eating better and healthier is always on my mind. Currently my eating habits are pretty basic, fruits, veggies, white meats, no fast food or fried food, no dairy (except on occasion), and I do partake in wine often. I am quite the “food taster” as well with my kids “unhealthy” food. So, I am not so over the top or rigid.

     I think this obsession with bettering myself began as a teenager (but of course it did) as a result of my best friends, twins, having the ideal body. I always had the booty, was called “butterbean butt” for years (go ahead, laugh)  and other such lovely nicknames. However today, I do consider that to be my best “ass”set 🙂  As a teenager with svelte and perfect friends it was a great source of shame for me. I had the figure of an adult woman long before girls my age. I considered it a curse.

     I  have always loved to exercise. I got into weight lifting in college and love it. My workouts have evolved into strenuous workouts at Crossfit 2 days a week, the gym doing traditional weight training 4 days a week, biking, walking and or running. Most days, I workout twice, in the morning, and a walk/run in the afternoon.  It makes me feel strong, confident and like I can take care of myself and do things for myself when I need to, not a frail, week, helpless woman. Due to my love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle I became a personal trainer about 7 years ago, and have done that part-time ever since. My main focus being a Kids Fitness class  and a youth  programcalled  TNT, Teen Nutrition Training . I love helping other people try to feel better and more confident., and helping kids cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

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     One of my gadgets, (my husband also says I am a gadget junkie) is called a FITBIT. Something I saw and bought about 1.5 yrs ago. It is a fun toy, it kind of makes exercise a game with yourself. It is a small device that you wear on your waist band that uses the same technology the Wii . The FITBIT keeps track of your steps, calories burned and miles walked while you wear it. So I put it on every morning when I get dressed. You can also wear it while you sleep and it will track how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you slept and how many times you woke up. I dont fool with that part of it. The device has a docking station that plugs into your computer and syncs your stats whenever you are in range. You can then go online and enter foods you have eaten, track your progress and challenge others in the FitBit “community”. It’s fun !! Try it. The cost is $99, which I do not think is bad at all.

     My shipment of HCG should be here tomorrow and I plan to try to follow the guidelines for 15 days, and will post my daily stats and routine here every day. I said I will TRY. I know myself very well, and I stick to “plans” “diets” etc… for about 1 day maybe 2. 😦 But I am really going to try this time, like I said,  JUST TO SEE. I will post my progress (or not) here along with the daily events. I have 3 friends that have used it, the shots and/or drops, and all had good results, so I, as always, am curious.

     Today, Sunday, has been a lazy day. We had intentions of going to church, but we all slept late. So the laziness dragged on as we all watched a movie on tv. Then I cleaned, went to the grocery store, yard work, and a short, quick run.

     My starting stats…drum roll please.  Height 5’3, age 44, weight today 132.4, body fat 20%, muscle mass 44.3, bone mass 7.2, water percentage 55.4 ( I have one of those fancy scales that tells me all this, whether I want to know or not).

This is my I think I'm cooler than I really am look


6 thoughts on “HCG…does it work? Gonna find out

    • I think she was doing the drops. She’s okay now, still not quite the same. She and her husband started doing it after she had her baby, so that she could lose the baby weight. She started having seizures and losing consciousness, so the docs put her in a coma until she could regulate things like body temp and such. It’s just such a low, low calorie intake per day. You look fit and amazing anyways, though!

  1. Wow, that is a lot of diets you have tried. It is great to be want to be healthy as long as it does not take over your life and your ability to enjoy your life. I used to try different diets here and there and always exercised before I had kids and had an office job. I was fit and my weight was average.
    Since having kids and becoming a stay at home (or out as I like to call it) mom I hardly exercise in a gym, have not dieted for 4 years and am 15 lbs lighter than I was. The difference is I never sit or stop. With kids I am constantly on the go and active. Lifting them, the bags, the stroller the groceries, housework, errands and living in a 2 story house requiring me to go up and down waaay too many times gives me all the exercise I need. Plus I am a super healthy eater (just naturally I crave fruits and veggies and nuts etcc) so I feed my kids always healthy stuff and eat smaller meals than I used (who has the time) and snack more often (whenever they snack). So at age 37 I have discovered the healthiest lifestyle and diet for me is simply being active with the kids 24/7.
    Oh, visiting you from voice books by the way. It is nice to meet you. THank you so much for visiting and following me.
    Good luck with the gadgets. It is fun to try new stuff and new stuff are always motivating.

  2. You are crazy (in a good way). You don’t need to add anything to your regimen.

    But that FITBIT thing sounds cool. “You can also wear it while you sleep and it will track how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you slept and how many times you woke up.” I think I wake up way too often and don’t realize it. This might be worthwhile.

    • I love it !! It also has a flower, that sprouts leaves the more active you become 🙂 I forgot that. It comes with a wrist band that you wear while u sleep to put the fitbit in. It also resets itself evernight at 12pm so the next morning calories are already calculated and logged that you burned while sleeping. I’m addicted to it. Thanks for reading.

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