Day 1

     Nothing big to post today for my new experiment with HCG. It came finally just now, at 6:30 pm, so I will get started tomorrow. I did continue today with a normal routine. Except that I was awake by 3 a.m., yuk !!!! What’s up with that? I  have done that the past two mornings, wake early  my mind racing with thoughts of things to do, ways to promote Good Boy Roy -you know that fun new line, fun shirts for fun kids :).  

    Finally I came downstairs around 4:30, took care  of e-mails and wrote down some of my ideas.  After coffee and my usual protein shake of Coconut milk and Spirulina (Spiru-tein) powder I was off to the gym. What a great workout, shoulders, back and legs day, about 1.5 hrs worth. It was such a good feeling to push the weights again after being gone on vacation for a week. Then onto a few errands and home to see the hubby for lunch. The house is loud with kids home for the summer, as usual my daughter had someone sleep over and the girls are noisy and chatty !!! As girls can be.

    I worked on moving my office, the office of the CEO of Good Boy Roy that is, into the dining room. I thought it would be easier and brighter than the play room, which is dark and the kids are always in there making a mess and playing games. We never use the formal dining room anyway, so now it’s my work space.

     Onto more cleaning, laundry, dusting etc…yes, the glamorous life of CEO !! Who’s jealous ??

     Lunch, hmmmm, what did I have?? Oh yea, turkey patty and some carrots and peppers, too much to do to sit, so I stand as usual and take bites in between doing other things. Not good, I know. 😦

     Slow day, only broke up 3 fights with my kids. Thank goodness. It usually is much worse. My 16 year old, the real Good Boy Roy aka Zack, and my 12 year old daughter can not be in the same oxygen space without fighting. We call it the Hix House of Horrors. My husband likes to tell people that Freddy Kruegerwould even be afraid to come here. But, it’s my chaos.

freddy krueger 1460

Image by s.alt via Flickr

     My usual afternoon walk/run will wait today due to an appointment with my Naturopath, who is phenomenal. She does iridology reading and has been spot on every time with whatever my health issues may be. It’s pretty incredible. She informs me my spleen, gallbladder and kidneys still are not functioning as well as they should so she loads me up with more supplements. I have been seeing this lady for several years, she is quite well known for her expertise. I know there are plenty of skeptics for this kind of healing but the proof in her clients is honest validation, not to mention first hand experience of her expertise. She actually just returned from a huge conference in Washington where she was invited as a speaker to hundreds of people, most of which were the traditional Medical Doctors that are now giving credit to this holistic way of life and practicing.

     The day is winding down, dinner in the crockpot, and as promised my daily stats from my trusty FITBIT (see yesterdays post to find out what a FITBIT is)  and morning weigh in.

FITBIT stats: calories burned today 1587; steps 8299 (short of my 10,000 daily requirement) ; equates to 3.41 miles today.

Weight stats today: 132.4 lbs, no change ; 22.1 body fat; 43.6 muscle mass. Tomorrow starts the HCG experiment for 15 days.

Ho hum, another day. Do it all over tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Life is made up of ordinary days like sentences in a book. There is the occasional exclamation, sometimes a question, sometimes a joke, maybe a surprise here and there but the ordinary days hold it all together.

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