#NAMI Walks, Stomp out Stigma

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Yesterday was the BIG walk for NAMI, NAtional Alliance on Mental Illness. We have participated in this walk every year since it began here in Greenville. We have been anticipating this day for a while as it is usually a great, inspirational event. In past years it has been held at Furman University, and the walk is around this most beautiful campus full of tradition, huge water fountains, the historic Bell Tower, every step beautiful. This year the venue was changed to Flour Field, our home baseball stadium of The Greenville Drive and along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a walking and bike path. The time also changed from 9 a.m.  to 4 p.m.  We were also excited because Zack was invited to set up his Good Boy Roy booth and share his new line with people attending the walk.

Greenville Drive

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     Much like the build up for Christmas, the anticipation then the let down after it’s all over. With all the changes  it turned out to be not as enjoyable event as it has been in the past. First, it was not as easy to mingle, chat, fellowship with others prior to the walk. It was a bit confusing and the organization did not run so smooth. Not to mention, 4 p.m. in the South on a June day….HOT !!! as well as off and on rain storms.  So, with the rain storms our set up was moved under the stadium concourse….all the way at the end…where no one goes 😦 which equals very little foot traffic and few people for Zack to meet and show his cute designs. That’s called a NO-BRAINER….shirt sales pretty dismal.  But, he took it all in stride, and did not get too bummed out.

some of the GoodBoyRoy team, Jessica Drew, Tappy & Caroline, Zack

     Our team walkers started to arrive, some friends and the sweetest reporter we met when she did an interview with Zack for a  show Scene on 7, Miss Jessica Drew. Our friends braved the heat, the noise and confusion with smiles and graciously supported the team and NAMI for this great cause, to Stomp Out Stigma of Mental Illness. I love to support a good cause and this is the best !!!

Zack aka GoodBoyRoy, Jessica Drew, neighbor Scotty
     So, all in all, more people got to learn about NAMI and about how mental illness can affect millions of people and families. It is so easy for others to understand  illnesses or disabilities they can SEE, but an illness of the MIND is not so easy to understand. This is why we try to help others understand. Illnesses of the mind are just as debilitating, severe, serious, and REAL as any other. Knowledge is Power. !!

  Side note: with the heat and lower turnout yesterday we have quite a few of the custom designed Good Boy Roy walks for NAMI shirts left, the back says : Mental illness is NOT a choice, Mental illness is NOT contagious, Knowledge is Power. See the shirt in photos on this post. We are selling them now for $10 if anyone is interested, e-mail me sales@goodboyroy.com.
Some Greenville High Cheerleaders with Good Boy Roy

My weigh in stats this morning: 129.8 lbs (down a little)

FITBIT stats yesterday: 16,045 steps, yipeee, exceeded my 10,000 daily goal; cal burned : 2124; 6.71 miles…yep, a BUSY day. Hit the gym first thing for about 1.5 hrs of weights, then all the activity with setting up the booth and the 5k walk, gave me some great numbers for Saturday.


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