thats me in the far left corner, my BFF next to me, 9th grade

      I had quite the pleasure of my high school (Brookland Cayce High School) friend coming to visit this weekend with her husband and daughter. Her daughter is quite the softball player and plays on a travel ball team, which often brings them to my neck of the woods. Lucky me 🙂 This gave us the opportunity to sit, chat and talk about old times for two days, which was so much fun for me.

     Though our lives have certainly traveled in different paths, it does not erase the long time friendship we have enjoyed. The way I figure, it has been about 30 years now. We met in High School, 9th grade and became fast friends. She was from a large family, one of 5 girls, with some difficult circumstances for children at times to deal with. I remember being totally amazed at her ability to take care of her home, like the mother. I often walked home from school with her, and upon getting to her home she immediately began her list of duties. She was proficient at preparing a large meal, for the entire family, do the laundry, clean and care for her younger sister.

Me, Page and my dad

Me, Page and my dad

      As High School progressed we managed to get into our share of trouble 😦 do some things we should not have done and said some things we should not have said. Probably our most fun times were at the beach. A tradition with High Schoolers in our part of the state, Columbia, S.C. First Week at Myrtle Beach was where everyone was. It was a BLAST.

      In High School she also managed to meet and fall in love with her dear husband, married at 18,and they are still married today. Quite the accomplishment.

     After High School I was off to College, Lander University, where I was able to spread my wings.  At 19 they had their first child. While she learned to be a wife and mother, I enjoyed the late night parties that is the norm to College students. However, despite our vastly different lives, we remained in touch. She soon welcomed her second child, while I graduated from College and began the search for a career.

Page and her husband, Jeff

Over the years we have had several close High School friends die, or be killed, and sad funerals reunited us intermittently along with my trips home. We have been able to talk, laugh, tell each other our deepest thoughts and follow the ups and downs that life brings us all. She has raised her three children, grandchildren, taken in nephews, and in-laws , endured unimaginable tragedy all the while raising her family with love, compassion, morals and faith

ME and my BFF out a few years ago

      To know this friendship endures and has stood the test of time is a comfort so deep in my soul words can not describe. She is part of my family.   

      A few years ago, her family and mine, enjoyed a weekend together in the mountains to celebrate her third childs birthday.  A beautiful girl, the same talented ball player mentioned before. And the irony of she and I there, together, now, so many years later, with children and husbands, celebrating this event was not lost on me. Who would have thought, all those years ago, with that chance meeting, would have evolved into this life time of friendship, memories and support.  It is always as if we are those school girls sitting in our bedrooms, talking of boys, school, teachers, hopes and dreams. I hope everyone has a BFF they can call their own.

My BFF, her husband and 3 children


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