A Little Piece of Heaven

     There is so much to be said for a quick weekend of R&R. We all need it. Even if you have to go stay in a hotel in your own city. Like the NIKE ad says…Just Do it !!

     Lucky for me, I have the opportunity to make my get away in the mountains of North Carolina, on top of Piney Mountain. A little known mountain in Saluda County, N.C.

Mom,dad,daughter visiting on Piney

      My parents decided to build a little retreat about 5 years ago, a place to escape and spend time when they retired. Well, little did they know the vacation home has turned into The place to be. The two of them have become part of this fun community of people who also discovered Piney Mountain, its charm and serenity. They “the mountain people” I call them, have a social calendar like no other. They get on their golf carts and go “visit” each other for morning coffee, afternoon cocktails, weekend parties, card games and more. This experience has been so much fun for my parents, seemingly returning them to the lifestyle of a college student. The “second home” has turned into the main home and for good reason.

daughter w/friends @ mtn stream

     This past weekend I got to take a reprieve on top of Piney. I like to say My Hiney is on Piney..lol. Along with my parents and daughter, the deer , rabbits and hummingbirds that all call their yard home.

hummingbird , look close

     It is a magical place. Each day deer come into the yard to eat, and hundreds of birds flock to the many bird feeders mom has hung on the porch. One day a huge Black Bear even came to visit on the porch, looking for an afternoon snack.

    It is so easy to spend an entire day just sitting there marveling at the work of GOD in this peaceful place.  Heaven on earth.
      The big Coon Dog Festival  was this weekend in downtown Saluda. I am sure you are saying the what ??? Yes, Coon Dog Festival. This is a big event in Saluda, the streets are jammed with people, vendors, music and dogs that are competing for best coon dog. The day begins with a parade, one like no other you have seen I am sure. The participants of the parade are dressed in their best Hillbilly gear, tacky to the max, cars and trucks decorated to equal the hillbilly theme. There is really no way to explain it that can accurately relay the hillariousness of this parade.

Daughter in the Coon Dog Parade

      Heaven on Earth.  A weekend of enjoying my parents, the wildlife, the peace and quiet, long mountain walks, fun of a town tradition, clean air, sleeping late is over. Back to reality.
Find your little piece of Heaven on Earth. Just Do it !!!

Even Actress Andy McDowell was there

Ace Ventura was there too


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