Mental Illness is not Contagious. Knowledge is Power

 Mental Illness affects millions world-wide.

 It does not discriminate among race, sex, class.

     This is an issue close to my heart as I have lived the life for 16 yrs now of loving and caring for a child with severe mental/emotional/neuropsychiatric illness. It does not discriminate among race, sex, class.  It is a life consumed with doctors, therapist, counselor appointments, researching, crying, trips to the hospital when completely unstable.

      As a parent days are filled with steadfast prayer, hope, and reaching for anything that may help your child.  Just as with a medical illness, illnesses of the brain can be equally debilitating and devastating. These children do not wish to be as they are. They only want to feel and act like their “normal” peers, to fit in, to be accepted. Isn’t that we all want?

     Understandably when adults or other kids see a child misbehaving, out of control or behaving oddly they are usually judged as “bad”, “spoiled”, “weird”. When, in a lot of cases, this child simply CAN NOT control the actions or behaviors they are demonstrating. Please join our FaceBook CauseIntense Kids are not bad kids ~ Stomp out Stigma of Mental Illness.

 Mental Illness is NOT a choice. Mental illness is NOT contagious. Knowledge is Power

some of the GoodBoyRoy walk team with Zack

Our  Face Book Cause ,  Stomp out Stigma of Mental Illness is growing as awareness grows.  Each year NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) holds a large fundraiser and walk to raise money and awareness for research and families living with mental illness.  Below is a picture of myself, husband and daughter, at one of the first NAMI walks. notably Zack was absent. Our hearts heavy, this was because at the time he was so unstable we had no other choice but to put my sweet boy into the hospital. He as about 9 years old at the time.

Help to foster understanding, awareness and share this link and our desire to let others understand that

Mental Illness does not = dumb, stupid, weird, worthless, lazy, poor will power, “crazy”


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