Must Love Dogs

Roll Call: Deuce, Maxine, Cruz, Poncho…everyone here?

     On any given day you will find our house quite the doggie palace. It’s loud, its chaotic, it’s funny. Our dogs have been gracious enough to allow us humans to share space with them and even sleep in our own beds, provided there is enough space left for them. All 4 of them !!

Daughter Kelsie and her baby Poncho

    I have had a dog my entire life staring in 1st grade. My very own first dog, Jasper was my graduation gift from 1st grade. I can remember clearly seeing mom pull up in front of the school with this precious black, furry face hanging out the window with a big red bow. He was glorious !! The most beautiful dog I had ever seen. He was my friend, my therapist, my baby until his passing. A precious solid black Cockapoowith a white patch under his neck.

      Off to college I went, and in my second year got a new pup to keep me company after a boyfriend broke up with me…how dare he !!! This was Tippin, another cute, furry pup, a Lhaso Apso. My friend, companion and trusted counselor. Tippin lived a long time, even after I married. She grew old and feeble, became blind and diabetic, until the inevitable was in our face, we had to let her go.

     Now, as an adult, with 2 kids, we are dog lovers to the core. We each have our OWN!! It just kind of happened, we would take one in and adopt one, my daughter got hers for Christmas one year, and my boy, Deuce, the last to arrive, was given to us.

     The children (the four-legged ones) rule the roost here, greet everyone that comes to the door with licks, and barks which I am sure becomes quite annoying to many. They slumber around the house, throw up, fight, play, chew things, cause too much dust and dander, but who cares. They are such lovable “people”. I recently read an article that said a dog’s brain is almost identical to humans, the chemistry and how it functions.

      I often sit and stare at my fella, Deuce, and wonder, what in the world is the thinking about? I imagine him saying  “look at my goofy mom, she is cleaning up after those spoiled kids again.” or “mom, you know I have had a rough day. I only got 20 hours of sleep, please rub my belly, again”.

This little guy of mine, a Jack Russel terrier, has become baby to us all. He is so  funny, and my son, Zack, aka Good Boy Roy, loves to pose him with props and take pictures.

You see, Deuce will just stay, anywhere, however you place him. I roam around the house daily  and will find him in the strangest positions sleeping, snap his photo, and send it to my parents and husband at work. It’s a riot. We all do it. He gets carried around like a baby over my shoulder and sleeps in the bed with his head on my pillow next to me. Talk about a pampered pooch.

                                                                  He is the best snuggle bug ever.

Me and Deuce napping

They have all brought such joy and love to our family. Day in and day out, they greet us as we come in the house, full of love and excitement. What’s not to love?

Maxine, Zacks girl
Just a cute dog I saw in a parking lot

what a cutie pie this fella was.


3 thoughts on “Must Love Dogs

  1. I love that each of you has your very own dog – so sweet:) The first couple of dogs you owned sound like unusual breeds. Thanks for sharing your story and fun pictures,
    Visiting from vB,

    PS. I had a look at your book’s site too – what a great idea!

  2. I love that you are a dog lover. You helped me become a dog lover. I loved Jasper and can remember coming to your house and not being afraid at all. I feel so loved by all four of your hairy children and anytime I’m staying with you I look forward to watching the doggies to see what they will do next. My little Millie now has four legged friends for life and we have you and your love for doggies to thank. You and your doggies, even Tippin who hated everyone, or was it the pom that scared us to death but loved your dad so??? have made life more lovable. Give all the kids a scratch for me.

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