3,2,1 Go

Obstacle course #1…go over hurdles, in and out of cones, lift medicine ball overhead 5 times, jump off and on the BIG tire…DO IT 3 TIMES !!!   FitKids were off and funning. They love it.

Run, Run faster

I finally started the FITKIDS Group exercise class that I am doing out of the Upstate CrossFit facility.

These cute kids love this group class. I encourage you to find something similar in your area.

They are exercising all the while having fun !!! AND thanking me for it !!! Yahoooo.

I started this class years ago at a gym I use to work at, and have just now got it up and going again. Each day is different, new games, new relays, new ways to have fun.  During the course of the class I may have them each yell out their favorite fruit as they finish a hurdle, or jump-n-jack, this allows them to go over food groups and do it in a fun way.

We discuss nutritional information as well, talk about the food groups and the importance of each etc…I have accumulated a wealth of information from the Teen Nutritional Training classes I taught for years.

Teaching these fun classes to the kids is not only good great for them but, but keeps me young younger too 🙂 It’s what I call a Win, Win !!

Exercise is soooo important to us all, especially our kids. If we get them in the habit and learning to love it while they are young, chances are they will continue this life saving habit into adult hood.

        What’s even better, is if they SEE mom and/or dad exercising too !!

                            So, what are YOU waiting for??


      3,2,1 Go 


                                                                              Warrior Fit kids doing Fire hose pull


4 thoughts on “3,2,1 Go

  1. This class looks like a lot of fun. I have three boys ages 7, 4, and 2. They would love this! They have so much energy. Right now I have my two older boys in karate. I agree that exercise is so important. We teach them good fitness habits now it becomes something they enjoy instead of a chore.

  2. I love the way you combine nutrition with exercise training. I’m big on those, and it’s always a challenge to work them into the schedule. Visiting from voiceBoks, via Members to Remember. Great job on this site!

  3. Great idea!!! It also looks like a lot of fun for you and the kids!! This summer my dad, my son and I have been walking at a local park/beach each morning. It has been a great way to start the day and has been wonderful for all three of us!!! Thanks for a great reminder!! Happily visiting from VoiceBoks and members to remember!!

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