Have Bike will Ride…

     Hey everyone…Zman here. I have had a long, great summer. Really hot here in SC. We went to our beach house first in June for a week. Then I have been back home, to the mountain house, visited my grandparents and hung out with frineds.

   The best thing is mom and dad surprised me with a new mountain bike. I have been wanting one for so long. I have been riding every day since I got it. we went to some great trails in Spartanburg and took my friends to ride too. We loved it !!!


     I went to baseball camp this summer too, to prepare for tryouts this year. I love playing ball, and played for so many years with the recreation department. I tried out 2 years ago for my High School team, but wasnt quite prepared.  I hope I get stronger and my skills will be better this year.  I am excited and STOKE for NCAA Football to start. My favorite team, of course is Georgia BullDawgs !!! Is there any other team??


     The business is going good. I have done several custom designs and logos this summer for businesses like The EMT Mommy, Salon Beverly and Zumba with Amy . I found out two fishing magazines, Florida Sport and Fishing and Hawkeye Hunting and Fishing Magazine  asked for samples of my Good Boy Roy goes fishing shirt.

They may include it in a write up.  We are so excited and hope they will. KC Parent Magazine  also requested one of my God Rock’s for review in their magazine too !! Things are looking up. 🙂

Thanks ORCA !!!

     I am at that point in the summer where I am ready for school to start. I will be int he 11th grade.

That’s it for now. Out to hit the pavement again on my bike.


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