Deep Fried Twinkies ….OMG

Deep fried Twinkies, milky way bars, honey buns, Oreos macaroni and cheese balls…..just to name a few. I can hear arteries slamming shut already. These are just a few of the deep-fried items you can get at Funnelicious, found on Augusta Street downtown Greenville, S.C.

After leaving the Greenville Drive baseball game today we wandered across the street to this small, brightly painted building to see what it was all about.  I let each of the kids, Zack, Kelsie and her friend order something to share.

Zack decided on the deep-fried Twinkie…everything comes out looking like a corn dog on a stick.

And just in case the Twinkie itself is not enough sugar they add powdered sugar on top. Yummmmmm

  My daughter, Kelsie and her friend settled on the deep friend Milky Way    Bar. Can you say Sugar Rush !!! I mean, who thinks of this kind of stuff?

( I am not “allowed” to take her picture so we have to settle on the Milky Way solo)

But, as always, Zack is a HUGE camera ham and loves taking and having his picture taken, we can enjoy this deep friend Twinkie vicariously through him.   It must have been good because it was devoured in about 30  seconds. I did manage to steal a pinch and felt 5 lbs jump onto my butt almost immediately.


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