Raisng CEO Kids

I finally got my book in The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids, written by Sarah and Dr. Jerry Cook, founders of Raising CEO Kids.  Zack, aka Good Boy Roy was interviewed in the book and featured as one of the CEO Kids 🙂 So we have been waiting for the book to get published.  The day finally came and the book appeared in my mailbox !!

If you have a kid that has that go get ’em, creative mind who is always coming up with ways to make a few bucks, this book is for you !! It has some great resources for the kids and parents along with profiles of many entrepreneurial kids who are following their dreams.

These crafty, insightful, creative, motivated and smart kids have started their own business on a wish and a prayer, necessity or just for fun. Everything from website design, see Ryan Bertrand.  Or Lizzie Likness  who started a web site posting cooking videos and is now a representative of the American Heart association, has appeared on Rachel Ray, and currently starring in a series for the WebMd’sHealthy Cooking With Chef Lizzie“. This all came into being because she wanted to pay for her own horse-riding lessons. That is just two of the awesome kids profiled in this book.

Oh, and lets not forget my own Good Boy Roy 🙂 Zack, who started his fun biz at the age of 14, really on a whim after I had one of his fun characters printed on a t-shirt for him. For the past 2 years, he and I have been following this dream of his aggressively,  in hopes knowing some day Good Boy Roy designs will be a household name.  

You can order this inspiring book for your own business minded kid from the Raising CEO Kids website. Parents and kids alike will love it. Maybe even spark some good ideas.


4 thoughts on “Raisng CEO Kids

  1. How wonderful that your son was featured in this book and that you are helping him to develop his own brand. That’s so inspiring. My daughter’s are still pretty young (2 and 6) but I can totally see my 6 yr old being a CEO type. She’s always asking about counting the money in her piggy banks, ways to earn more money, and even wanted to start a lemonade stand a few weeks ago. Of course, her plan was to charge a penny for a cup of lemonade. So there’s still much to learn and discuss before we get her revved up for her own entrepreneurial enterprise! LOL!

    *visiting from voiceboks

  2. I think it’s awesome that your son started his own business so young! This looks like an interesting book, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I’m visiting from vB, have a great day!

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