Call to Action…post from Zman

Hello everyone. It’s hard to believe school is 9 weeks in already. Thankfully this year has gotten off to a good start !! I have decided to try out for the high school baseball team so I have started private lessons once a week to work on my skills and conditioning at school 4 days a week. It has been tough, a lot of exercise I am not used to, but I hope it will help me to be better on the field.  Algebra is tough, math is definitely NOT my thing, guess I got that from mom 😦

Some exciting things going on with Good Boy Roy which we hope will lead to more exciting things. Yesterday we had a “commercial” shoot of sorts, it will be on Cable Channel 40 here and in Georgia and another show called Carolina Bandstand. We were invited by someone we met at a Chamber meet and greet, who was kind enough to invite us out to share his TV crew. I dont do very good talking or getting my thoughts out, it was hard, but we will see how it comes out.

(My latest design, Multi-Talented girl..hope you like)

Two magazines are coming out that did a write-up on me and Good Boy Roy, Town Magazine, here in Greenville and SC Living Magazine which is all over SC. We are excited about those coming out and sharing my story even more. Even with some great features, publicity and awesome people supporting Good Boy Roy sales are very slim. I am afraid dad “the bank” is going to cut us off and close me down. There are two Holiday Festivals coming up that we hope will be good for us, one in October and one in December, but that is a while away.


(here is a new custom design for Salon Beverly, moms favorite)


You can see all my custom designs from the website too…

     I would  just like to ask everyone to help me, share my site, follow me on Twitter, and Facebook, share my FB page with your friends and sign up for the newsletter, you can do that from the home page of the website. Word of mouth is a great thing. 🙂 Mom always has a coupon code to use for discounts when buying products so take advantage of that too. We have to keep this thing going, it’s what I love to do, draw and create characters.  Thank you for any way you can help share the Good Boy Roy message and my designs.



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