FITBIT…my Addiction

I wanted to share this fun little gadget with you all. I bought one of these last year and am addicted to it.

It is a FITBIT…a little gadget that you can click to your pants, bra, whatever, it keeps track of your steps, calories burned, miles traveled and fitness level…and can tell u how long you slept at night, how many times you woke up. I love it. IT is fun to wear and makes you aware of your exercise for the day. It is suggested we get 10,000 steps a DAY to stay at a healthy weight, so with this I can always make sure I get that in. If you want to lose weight make your daily goal 12 or 13,000 steps, whatever you want. It has a docking station to sync all your stats to your computer. As a personal trainer in my spare time I tell everyone about it and know it is very beneficial. I believe in it and the benefits so much I contacted the company to see if I could sell them out of the CrossFit gym I work with, unfortunatley they do not do that kind of thing. Oh well. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

     Check it out if you want to be more active or lose weight.  I think everyone needs one.

 IT truly is the best money $$$$$ I have ever spent.

I am attaching some articles and reviews as well on the FITBIT. If you decide to take the plunge the below link will take u to purchase. Happy Walking !!


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