Happy Hump Day

Hey everyone, it’s me, Zack. Things have been going good lately. I got a new X-box game, Modern Warfare 3 and I love it. I have been playing that with my friends.

School is going great, report cards came out and I made A’s and B’s. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas !!

 I love Christmas.

 Thanksgiving is almost here too. This year we will serve again at the Church like we have in the past several years. We serve Thanksgiving diner to the homeless and give out used coats, sweaters, shoes, hats, scarves and things to them too. My whole family helps. We really enjoy it. Last year my grandparents even got in on the fun, they liked it so much they are coming to help again this year.

I am excited that I got to design my own tennis shoes !! Mom said I could for Christmas.

 They are SICK !! in a good way. What do you think?

Crazy aren’t they?

Zmans Custom designed Nike AirMAx

So cool, I’m gonna show you again.
The backs have my nickname on them where the NIKE swoosh is, they say
ZMAN…so fun, so cool !!

NiKE Rocks

Things seem to be going pretty good for the shirts. Sales kind of low so far, but this is our good time of year. 🙂

We already did a few Fall Festivals and have some more coming up for the Holidays. Dont forget to sign up for my newsletter to get discount codes and updates on new designs.

If you have not seen or read my Town Magazine article that was released here in Greenville, here it is.

So, see you all later. Have a good week.



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