#Winning….local that is

     Last night Zack and I attended another Winning Local event, put on by The Greenville Marketing Lab   here in Greenville. This is the second event we have attended and have been fortunate enough to meet some really kind, and helpful people who have gone out of their way to support and encourage Zack in his dream. These Winning Local events are networking, social gatherings put on in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that allows and encourages people to do more than the traditional “networking” chatter, but to make friendships and build relationships.

     On our first event we were lucky enough to be in the room with Mr. Randi Handshoe an all around nice guy with ideas bursting out of his mind. He later contacted me and we met soon thereafter. His business,   Penrod Services was started in 1997 to assist local business with overload CAD drafting and design needs, it has been growing ever since.  Randi has been kind enough meet with Zack and I to give us some of his valuable ideas, and continues to help this fledging business woman along in my attempts to expand, promote and market Good Boy Roy.

     Social media brings us the ever-expanding, evolving and brain busting ability to promote, communicate, network and connect with people anywhere at anytime. My new friend, Byron Wilson, is taking advantage of it all and helping others do the same. Another kind soul out there working hard for himself and taking the time to be a fan and friend to #TeamGoodBoyRoy.

Zack with Byron Wilson

     As we entered the event last night, Zack with his bag of shirts in hand, we noticed another table set up for another business that we soon found out was a new brand/line of shirts also 😦 What ??? This is a cruel joke isn’t it? Putting two new brands side by side? We each begin to lay out our goods, with me curious to see what this Loggerhead Apparel  really was. Much to my relief their product is totally different, high-end Polo shirts with the loggerhead emblem on the front.

      So what makes them sooooo special? I had to ask. and was soon provided a very impressive answer by owner and co-founder Sara P. Later, I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a very informative conversation with the OTHER co-founder Zac P., a whiz kid  adult with a wealth on tips information from his experience in sales and textiles. Their business, open only since February, already has numerous retailers carrying the Loggerhead brand.

     Another night of meeting, greeting, and chatting with kind, interesting and intelligent people. Another event that brings me more inspiration and ideas. Another night of people encouraging Zack and enjoying his designs. Another opportunity to share his story. Another day of blessings.


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