2012 Watch Out

     It seems nearly impossible that we are now 2 weeks into 2012. No kidding, the days do just fly by. Full of daily taskes, errands, appointments, phone calls, e-mails, getting kids to school and from school, volleyball practice, basketball practice, Church…whew. I’m just tired thinking about it.  I am guessing most of you live in a constant state of motion with a whirl of activity surrounding you.

Happy New Year

      I always hear my parents say…”it seems like just last week you were 2 years old riding a tricycle”, and now, as a parent myself I know exactly what they mean. I look at my kids, 13 and almost 17 and think, how did this happen? I just finished High Shcool, I can’t possibly be old enough to have kids this old, why I’m still a child myself …. WAKE UP !!! KIM, wake up, girlyou are 40 something…yea, ok, 45. I remember my mom at 45 and thinking she was old as dirt.

Happy NEw YEars, 3 Generations, Me, daughter, mom

     Who’s with me???

      The inevitable is creeping up, middle age, not creeping, it is sprinting !!! Life seems to just go by in full speed.  But, funny thing is, I dont FEEL 45, and that can be trouble sometimes. I still feel 20. Could be good, could be bad.

I have the feeling 2012 is bringing some GOOD things into sight for the #TeamGoodBoyRoy.  Maybe it’s just my optimism in overdrive. Either way, I like feeling hopefull, and as if I am waiting on that big break for us, for Zack and to inch one step closer to his dream.  The delight he has when sharing his designs is #PricelessAhhhh yes, it’s about to happen !!!!


Things are selling pretty well in the store in Travelers Rest, My Sisters Store…Books and More. And the connection we have made with the sweet owners has been a blessing. I just can’t believe our good fortune at the wonderful, kind people we have met on the journey.  I can hardly believe our blessings, and at the same time am saddened for others as I hear and see tragedy daily on the news or local paper. It brings in me a feeling of guilt. How can some people be so unfortunate or unlucky . Seems so unfair.

     2012 Please bring Happiness, Peace, Joy to the world.


4 thoughts on “2012 Watch Out

  1. Cute stuff here! I don’t feel old either and I feel like the world is cramping my immature style.

    I remember when I was about 12 asking my 80-something grandma if she felt old. She said, “No. I still feel like I’m 18.” Shocking considering her clothing choices (granny shoes and dresses) and hobbies (embroidery and baking). But I guess that was what her teen years probably involved …lots of “homey” things.

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