I had no idea

I had NO idea this was going to be so tough. Guess the joke is on me, as usual. Going into the 3rd year of Good Boy Roy,  I had no idea it would take this long.

I know, I know, some of you are saying, “What did you expect?”.

Well, I, Kim Hix, mom to Zack and Kelsie, the undying optimist and always looking thru my rose-colored glasses fully expected Good Boy Roy to be a huge hit, immediately.

I mean come on, who would not love a brand, a business, created by a kid, 14 at the time.

Who would not love the fun, whimsical characters?

Who would not love the story, the back story of the Real Good Boy Roy.

This kid, this teenager, finally finding his purpose, after years, a lifetime of struggling with emotional illnesses, years of being ostracized, years of not knowing his purpose on earth, years of asking GOD, WHY ME?

Who ?

I really imagined as soon as his fun designs and characters came to life and were seen on t-shirts that everyone, every retailer, every store would be scrambling to HAVE SOME !!

Yes, the Good Boy Roy line would be worn the world over, in demand, and a huge hit. That was the plan, that is Zack’s dream. That is the goal.

So, why am I here, struggling to find someone to carry them in their store? Struggling to find buyers? Struggling to find a Sales Rep?


They should be calling Zack, right? They should be calling and seeking out this “Boy Wonder”.  Where are the orders for Laughing Lizzie, Rocker Rick, Happy Harry, Angry Allen  (the Anti Bully character) and the rest of the Gang?  I should, by now, have orders overflowing and Zack well on his way to a stable and secure future. Right? Right?

Wake up !! Wake Up.

Wow !!! A bit wake up call for me.

I had no idea bringing this brand, this line of merchandise would be so hard, and frustrating.

Perhaps I should have actually thought things out a bit better, done some research. Hmmmmm

But no, I just jump right in, go and do, and think later.


 Absolutley. Always have been, always will be. Can be a good thing, can be a bad thing.

So, we keep plugging along. Keep making calls. Keep talking to people, keep making connections, and keep the dream ALIVE !!

Without dreams, what do we have?

Dreams are fun. Dreams give us hope. Dreams give us inspiration.

So, I, Kim Hix, forever the dreamer, will keep on dreaming and waiting for that day when Good Boy Roy and Zack are the success we imagined when we began this journey 2 years ago.

When Zack can look around, and see his characters, his creations, smiling back at him when being worn and loved by people worldwide.

I gotta go…more dreaming to do



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