Zack aka Good Boy Roy goes to the Prom

Furman University Library (James B. Duke Libra...

Furman University Library (James B. Duke Library) and fountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is certainly unimaginable to me that my boy is headed off to the Prom !! OMG. Where did the time go?

Zack is 17, and this is his first date. He is so totally unworldly, and very much the innocent and naive boy. He has been so very excited about this day, he was dressed and ready to go by 4:30….we were not leaving the house until 5:30 🙂

We have tried prep Zack for this day since he has never taken a girl out to eat, on how to order, Wipe his mouth !! he often forgets, table manners and the like. The process of practicing how to leave a tip and how to figure out how much tip has been the topic of much discussion lately.

The plan is this: My husband will be the chauffeur, (since Zack is still very new at driving), I will follow in another car to pick up his “date” so that we can all take pictures. My husband will then drive them to the restaurant of their choice for reservations at 7pm, where he will drop them off and go elsewhere while they eat.

This went off without a hitch ! Thank goodness.

Next, onto the Prom, at Furman University. My husband dropped them off, then proceeded to find a good parking space, and SLEEP !! yep, sleep. He had just driven in from Georgia, was tired, so took this opportunity of peace and quiet, no dogs barking to interfere. I am so jealous of how easily he can sleep, anywhere, anytime.  The guy is lights out as soon as his head hits a pillow, while I toss, turn, think, re-think, plan and the like.


Prom was over at 11:00, time to get home. Zack reported it was all awesome. What a wonderful way to describe your very first date and Prom. Just one of many firsts for my little/big man.


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