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 Intense kids are not bad kids. Means nothing to some, means everything to others. If you are the parent of an intense kid you know exactly what I mean.

Intense, high-strung, hard-headed, inflexible, difficult, just some of the words used to describe my son. All true words for the “other Zack”, when his mind is not working quite as it should. Delightful, charming, sweet, kind, helpful, charismatic, loving, words that describe the REAL Zack. He has struggled for too long, just like so many other kids.

Several years ago after a lengthy rage, I began to write a story, this story,( No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid)  all true, about Zack and for Zack. It tells how he, as a child with these emotional challenges, knows he is different from other kids. As he has always done, questions why, “Why did God make me…

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