Working it…

Just an update on recent “Happenings” here at Good Boy Roy. As I sit here and write, this is Zack’s first day back to school after the summer break and I am enjoying my first day of silence. He is always so excited the first day, he was up at 5:30 a.m. ready to go. This year he is a Senior, well, kinda sorta.

Heading off to school

     You see he has been in a self-contained LD Neuroscience classroom since 8th grade. That means Learning Disabilities with neurological challenges. This is due to his numerous neurologically based challenges and learning disabilities that he struggles with. Anywhooo…last year he was mainstreamed into regular education classes to work towards his SC High School Diploma. In doing so, it set him back about 1.5 years in credits, but he wanted to make this transition, knowing it would put him in High School much longer. A brave and admirable decision I think. He has always wanted to go to College, in some form or fashion, so this move will enable him to follow that goal.

The summer  has been busy for us and Good Boy Roy. Most recently a great article was written on him in our local Greenville Newspaper. This has brought to him other offers and projects. One very exciting one is that of illustrating a children’s story. The owner of Ledge Press happens to live in our neck of the woods, saw the write-up in the newspaper and gave us a call. This will be new to Zack, but a good and fun opportunity.

He has also been asked to partner with Mental Health America and the Color Run, to do a design for their 4k event. Did I mention that his NAMI walk t-shirt design WON the NATIONAL t-shirt design contest ??  We are so excited and thrilled about that honor.

Next up, our proposal to the Greenville County Schools to partner with Good Boy Roy for a Anti-Bullying campaign and contest was accepted and gets started we hope in September. Since Zack has unfortunately been the target of so much bullying 😦 during his middle school years, we wanted to bring more awareness to this issue and how it affects the kids on the receiving end of the bullying. Zack created his own version of a Anti-bully character in Angry Allen, so we decided to let other kids in the elementary and middle schools do the same. The winner will win a cash prize, and have their design added to the Good Boy Roy line, and sales of the shirt will be donated to their school. We are excited and think it will be a fun and informative project. We really hope to make a difference in this world, do some good, help some people, send a good message of hope and faith.

I also put together this little power point/slide show if you care to view and see our models having some fun.

We are making progress and want to thank you all who have supported us along the way with your encouragement and kindness.

                   And let me not forget the Big Catch while in Florida.


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