Meet the Gang

We thought it was time for our friends and fans to meet the Good Boy Roy Gang, the cast of characters that make up the line of Good Boy Roy. All of these characters were created by Zack, who is 17 and the creator of everything you see on the website.

When you here the word Gang, most people automatically have a negative, frightening vision. That is NOT the case with the Good Boy Roy Gang. These are fun, good kids, characters, that each have their own personality, imagined by Zack.

Over the next few days we will feature each Gang member along with a description, in Zack’s words of who they really are and what his inspiration was when drawing them.

First up, of course would have to be Roy, the first character brought to life and the #Instigator of this whole world that is Good Boy Roy. But first here is a quick YouTube vid from Zack.

 I now have the great pleasure of introducing you to Roy.

Roy, or Good Boy Roy

“is the original guy, the ring leader of the whole gang. He is a good boy, but does some things that kids may do, mischievous or getting into trouble not knowing they are getting into trouble. Or just everyday things kids do growing up that seem to get off course. He is a good boy in his heart, he is funny, like me, he is my alter ego, kind of. Good Boy Roy will do things every now and then as he goes through life and I will bring them to life and color on some shirts. Like the other day I , (I mean Good Boy Roy), was cutting the grass, I’m not so good at it, and ran over moms flowers. So we thought that would be a funny design, I drew it, now just waiting to print it on a shirt.”

The first design is Roy holding a cat by the tail. Now, some people see that and get angry, but they miss the humor and meaning of the drawing. Roy is not trying to be mean to the cat, he is trying to hold it and love it, in doing so he grabs the cat by the tail. Now how many times have you seen a kid do that???

Next was Roy loving , playing with his sister, and ummmmm, not in a great way.

So, that is just a brief peek into the history of the Gang. Join us tomorrow when I continue Roy’s story and his adventures. That boy is always up to something.


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