Roy is on the move

Such a Sassy Saturday here in South Carolina, the Upstate.

Today we follow Roy on his move to stardom and infamy. Yesterday you met Roy and saw some original designs.  Today Roy makes another appearance and then moves out of the picture so the next Good Boy Roy Gang member can be introduced tomorrow.

You should know by now that Roy, the original character, is sort of Zack’s alter ego, that said, most depictions of him are doing something that Zack himself likes to do.

If you like to fish, undoubetdly you have had the Big one that got away, well, so did Roy. But I think the fish got the best of Roy.

But he didnt escape Zack. Had a great time fishing in Florida last weekend.

The favorite Roy design I think is God Rocks, for many reasons. Faith, love, hope and to Believe makes our days endurable.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. To the horror of most parents the Ice Cream truck makes its way through neighborhoods on summer days, and to the delight of the kids. Upon hearing the sound of the redundant music one hot day that lets us all know he is near, Zack quickly drew this cute and favorite design.

                                                Must Have Ice Cream !!!

Leaving you today with this Video Montage of the Good Boy Roy characters (real and not) 🙂


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