Zman is in the house

Good morning from a sunny South Carolina

Continuing on our introduction of the Good Boy Roy Gang members, next on the list is

Zman  Zman  Zman Zman

Yes, Zman, or Zack’s nickname. Obviously Zman is his own caricature for himself. Best described by Zack in his words here:

“he is the other stud, the sports dude, the sports fanatic and also gets the
girls. Zman is Good Boy Roy’s BEST friend. Zman is funny, smooth talker, and all around good guy. His specialty sport is baseball, he is a baseball STAR.”

Kind of cute wouldn’t you say??

Zack, my Zack, does enjoy his sports, watching and playing. That boy loves his Georgia Bulldogs. Gooooo DAWGS.

Decisions Decisions

This design he calls “Decisions, Decisions”, appropriate I think. Remember, ALL of these characters and designs are on various t-shirts you can find on the website. As well as a full line of inspirational Note Cards, each has an inspirational message on the back, you can see here.

Leaving you with a quick shout out from Zman himself and wishing you a blessed day. Here, here, click here 🙂

Remember, try to do

1 Random act of kindness today for a stranger.

It feels oh so good.


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