Meet Zman

To continue the introductions of the Good Boy Roy gang, please meet


Again, in Zacks words:


he is the other stud, the sports dude, the sports fanatic and also gets the girls. Zman is Good Boy Roy’s BEST friend. Zman is funny, smooth talker, and all around good guy. His specialty sport is baseball, he is a baseball STAR.

Zman is a nickname we began calling Zack when he was just a baby, and it stuck. So, it is appropriate he create a character for, who else, HIM 🙂

Zman is Zman, here modeling in his ever so unique style.

After creating the original Zman character, he went on to create the Sports version, we call “Decisions, Decisions“, for obvious reasons.

Since it’s Friday, and we all need a laugh, enjoy Zman, my boy, Gettin his Groove on:


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