Scammers Everywhere. Lesson Learned

   Scam, fraud, con artist, liar, cheat, just some of the descriptive terms I can think of that describes a recent experience we at #TeamGoodBoyRoy have had.

What we believed to be our new management scam company, that was to take the Good Boy Roy line and message to the masses, to share Zack’s dream and characters, to help the brand become a household name …as time revealed itself so did the true colors and intentions of this company.

      What started with a kind e-mail from LinkedIn, of all places, claiming they, this firm, believed they could help us , followed with several phone calls and ending with me signing a “contract” then handing over hard-earned money. Yes, I did look into them, or so I thought. I messaged some contacts on their LinkedIn page, who all said they seemed to be nice, seemed to work hard, and had no complaints, at that time.Yet, little did I know, these companies themselves, had only begun the journey into the house of smoke and mirrors. I looked for complaints on the local BBB (they were not listed) and Googled them, nothing alarming showed up, actually nothing showed up.

They advertise themselves a full in-house firm, that can bring an idea or invention into a full marketable product. From inception, to prototype, manufacturing, marketing etc…you name it, this firm could do it.  IT sounded PERFECT !! NOT.  Just what we needed, to help me fill in the gaps of the expertise that I did not have.

      We even took Zack aka Good Boy Roy to meet them. They seemed nice, looked nice, and talked a good and convincing game. But then, isn’t that what con artists are good at doing??     

  Making you believe, THEM??

The most convincing was when Zack sat in the office, with his “wish list” for his business, and telling them he wanted so much to have his own cartoon, and for him (Zack) to be the voice of the main character, Roy. (If you don’t know, Zack, my son, is 16. Good Boy Roy is his dream and passion, his creations.) Well, guess what, they could make this happen too. Yep, their web designer was going to re-do the website, and could include a running animated cartoon strip on the home page, all drawn and created by Zack. They, the “owner” even showed us a web site his firm had developed for another “client” victim and how impressive it was !!  We left feeling good, with a magazine that they had been featured in, and pictures of Zack with his new team. Yes, Zack was so excited, his feet hovered above the ground he was so excited about what might be happening for his business. (I found out later, that impressive magazine story, was “bought”. If a business pays for enough ads in the magazine, they get a write up….hmmmm)

Well, the wheels started to fall off about 2 weeks later. I got e-mail just “warning” me and “beware”, and “be careful” of this company, along with a suspicious link with more information. So, I read it, after I picked my jaw up off the floor.

      As I read, I determined it to be just an angry or disgruntled client or employee, which it was. However, I did begin to look into every allegation this person sent me. And guess what, it was all true. Then I called some other current clients, to find out more bad stuff, “get out now”, “it’s not good”, “get out while you can”. With every call, every conversation I became more and more upset, angry, heartbroken.

This means everything they said to my Zack was not going to happen. Or, it may, it will, but not because of their efforts. Visits to retailers in hopes of placing his line had not been done, focus groups, not done, trademark and copyright of his characters and business initiated…yep, NOT DONE. I called the law firm they claimed they paid and had started this process…they never heard o this company. Nothing they said they did, was done.

     I made calls to other people, spent about 2 weeks on the phone almost every day talking to more and more people, clients, employees, officials, professionals. Legal measures initiated, safety guards put in place and the like.

The anger at myself for not being careful enough. For being too trusting. For believing. But most of all…for letting Zack believe.

I believe in karma and what goes around comes around

I believe that people such as this, that take pride in lying to others, steeling money and taking dreams just to play games, will sooner or later answer in some way for the unethical, immoral, evil things they are doing to others. Taking money, making promises, misleading, misrepresenting, and defraduing is


This has been a helluva lesson for me to learn.

And I thank you, You KNOW WHO You ARE..for teaching me this valuable lesson.

 I am only a better person for it. Wiser, more cautious, more careful. You simply have one more black mark on your soul.  How, in your life, you arrived at this point, must be a sad story. You have to live with yourself, you deeds, how you sleep at night, I will never understand. In no way have you taken away my trust in others, in thinking everyone is out for their own benefit, to gain and get ahead at the expense of others.

I believe, I know, people are good, caring, honest, sincere, loving, gracious.

You …scammers, thankfully are in the Minority of the evil and dishonest.

Enjoy your life.

      I will not mention by name here this Firm, business, Scam, however, should you have a concern that you too have stumbled upon them, and wish to contact me, I am happy to share the information I have.

I post this for those to read with this in CAREFUL !! If you are considering doing business with someone, or a company check them out VERY WELL…very, very well. And don’t feel guilty or bad for doing so. If they have nothing to hide…they have nothing to hide and will be open and forthcoming with any information you request. So do it, research, call, investigate. I thought I was careful, but was not careful enough.

Today, there has been a full blown Federal Investigation as a result of me calling the police and filing a report. The Detectives have interviewed unsuspecting people all the way to Canada that these people have pulled into their trap, who all have reported the same experience as we did. I have been in conversation with a past employee who also provided evidence to the police. Their computers, cell phones and all records confiscated by the Feds in preparation for the hearing against them. Now, we just sit and wait for updates in the case and for a court date. Like I said

Lesson Learned


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