Marvelous Manic Monday Giveaway

Happy Monday.

I woke up and thought we would do a Giveaway today.

So, this one is pretty easy. This week we will giveaway one of the original, now retired, Good Boy Roy Designs. Starting today and ending Friday September 28th. Don’t fret,because if you don’t win, you can buy one of your own for only $10 from the Sales page of the Good Boy Roy website.


  1. Go to the T-shirt page come back and tell us which design is your favorite and why.
  2. Then Follow Good Boy Roy on Twitter
  3. Like us on FaceBook

Extra points:

  • Sign up for the newsletter, sent out once a month with updates, new design releases and coupon codes. (sign up is on the homepage)
  • Check out the creator of all Good Boy Roy designs, 17 y.o. Zack, getting his goofy Groove on here from YouTube, and while your’re there, go ahead and subscribe to the Good Boy Roy Channel

Good Luck !!!


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