Stop Hunger now, we can all help

I had the pleasure of helping about 300 of our wonderful Youth from Greenville, SC and the United Methodist Churches last weekend fill bags of food for the Stop Hunger Now effort.

This was one amazing group effort of so many youth who selfishly gave of their time to fill bags, 48,000 !!! Yep, about 48,000+ bags of food to send out for starving people around the world.

First, the large gym is sanitized, plastic covered the entire floor, and every person entering must wear a hair net. Now, let me say, to get middle and high schoolers to wear the Not Cool hair net, was a miracle all by itself. But, they all graciously agreed and complied with no problem.

This process is like  a fine tuned machine as the organizers have managed to think of every detail and put in place a system that is fast and efficient. It starts at the head of the able, one person puts a scoop of this, next person a scoop of that, and on down the line. Everything put into the bags are dried foods, then a packet of seasoning. When all combined together by the recipient, it makes a huge “stew” of some kind.

Next someone yells “Runner”, at which time someone comes by, picks up the filled bags and takes them to the next stop, the weighing station. Here if there is the slightest overage it is scooped out and put into the excess bucket. Which, at the end of the night is all sent to local farmers to use in feeding their animals. Cool, right?? Nothing wasted.

After the bags are weighed, they are sealed shut, packed carefully into larger boxes, sealed and loaded onto the truck.

(this is my Zack,in the red, creator of GoodBoyRoy designs)

It was a fun night, made enjoyable by load music, laughter and Pizza at the end. A great night, fellowship, and helping to make a difference.

Kids Matter !!!


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