Chief Encouragement Officer

Today I had the opportunity to wear my business hat, as President of Good Boy Roy during  a Chamber function.  We had the awesome honor of hearing a dynamic and motivating speaker, Mr.Greg Blake.

Mr. Blake is known as Chief Encouragement Officer of his company PepWorks. The only downfall to this event today is that Mr. Blake did not speak long enough. He was a joy to hear, watch, and listen to. I encourage any of you that may need a moral boost for you or your company to give him a call, it will very likely be time well spent.

It is so nice to hear a business person that shares much of the same philosophy as I do. To start, he informed us that his priorities, and ours should look like this :

1. Faith

2. Family

3. Friends

4. Career

Further advice to employers was pretty basic, but verbalized in a way I am sure many “bosses” and leaders don’t remember. It is crucial to treat employees in a respectful manner, encouraging, listening, engaging.

“If you can edify, elevate, engage, empower, enthuse, excite, encourage, enhance, excel and energize your people, they will be 20% more productive.”

The next point he makes, rang so true in my life. About 6 years ago I began a part-time job as a Patient and Family Liaison/Advocate for our major hospital system here in Greenville. I truly thought I had hit the jack pot with this job. The hours were perfect as a full-time mom, working 2 days a week 9-1 and one day 9-4. The long day happened to be the day of the week, Friday, that my husband gets off at noon, solving the problem of someone being home when the kids got home from school. I got full benefits just working 16 hrs per week, which was fantastic.

It was interesting, every day was something new, meeting new people, helping people in different situations, and one that I did not have to sit behind a desk all day, rather being up and walking around the enormous hospital campus daily to see different patients and to help in different situations. I hated to be sick and not get to work, so afraid I would miss some interesting event. Not to mention my co-workers were wonderful.

It was perfect. Until a new manager hired, who turned out to be a less than ethical, stable, motivating boss. She came in many hours late every morning, sharing ridiculous excuses, for example: can’t find curling iron, can’t find clothes to fit, had to go by post office, upset over something on the news and so on. She would then proceed to get in around lunch time, go to lunch then leave early every day, so really, not working at all. 

Why should we, as employees, desire to be on time, work hard, when our boss doesn’t? She then changed the whole format and function of our jobs as liaisons helping people, to sitting behind the computer and dealing with billing issues. Within 18 months of this new manager taking over, every employee in the office quit, or transferred to another area. Two employees had to start taking anti-anxiety meds due to the constant turbulence and manipulations by her. Nightmare is not a good enough word. Thankfully, I was able to leave, just walked out one day after more lies and unethical practices. Which is why this point Mr. Blake was so true.

People don’t leave organizations. People leave people…usually an incompetent leader!

I was mad !! Very mad and felt robbed, because I had loved the job so much. I Truly believed I would have stayed and retired there.

His next philosophy “Touchology”, no explanation needed for this one.

You need ‘Touchology with technology‘…Touchology is not warm and fuzzy or touchy  feely… it is a dare to care attitude catching people doing things RIGHT.

His advice, suggestions and knowledge continued to flow, all speckled with humour, engaging and interesting.

Must reads A Simple Act of Gratitude and Chasing Daylight had me immediately Chasing Daylight:How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Lifeordering online as soon as I got home.

You should too.

Day well spent. Can you say the same?

Do what makes your Heart Smile 🙂 I am and everyone should.

If you have the opportunity to hear a PepTalk” or a PepRally” from Mr. Blake, please take advantage of it, you will be glad you did.


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